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My YTMND-like tribute to the "Rosas?" lady. Anyone who's been to West Hollywood knows this amazing lady. The place wouldn't be the same without her. A friend had actually recorded her one night and got a picture and sent it to me "to do something with." It really was just meant for our email circle, as we somehow got on the topic of her. Well, somehow it got around teh internets ended up posted on perezhilton.com, la.com, and Towleroad.

Sexy Party

Stewie's Sexy Party

Screen capped from the movie. I have no excuses for this other than way too much caffeine one day.



Some OG pages from the archives. Most of these pages are at least a few years old.

Matthew Shepard

Page from an older site I created back in 1998.


Matthew Shepard tribute page

NCOD Flash Video

Flash animation I created years ago for National Coming Out Day.

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